Clinical Strategy


A Clinical Strategy helps you determine the most efficient and effective path to completing your clinical trials and supporting your value propositions. Click Here for a breakdown of the clinical strategy process.

CTIP's resources will help you to define a clinical strategy that takes into account the required regulatory pathway for the device, the market, and the competitive and reimbursement landscape in which the device will be offered. This includes defining your top value propositions, receiving advice from experts on the proposed studies and determining what data will be required to make your value propositions compelling to your target audience, and ensuring that your study strategy is cost-effective. 

CTIP Clinical Resources

  • USC Keck School of Medicine - Keck is one of the largest teaching hospitals in the nation, is home to 25 research-oriented basic and clinical academic departments. The Department of Pediatrics centered at CHLA, with 528 medical staff members and approximately 244 physicians, is Keck's largest academic department. With annual research funding in excess of $160M, Keck provides expertise in all areas of direct pediatric patient care and access to pediatric patients for clinical trials. 

  • Southern California’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI): Center for Clinical Translation - The Center includes state-of-the-art space for the conduct of early phase (drug development) and complex mechanistic trials, outpatient and inpatient research space, trained staff, design and feasibility consultation meetings involving representation from CTU staff, clinical research expert(s), biostatistics, protocol development, and many other resources. 

Other Clinical Resources