Phase 1: Get Introduced

If you are developing a pediatric medical device and seek commercialization support from CTIP, tell us about your product: [short form]. You will be contacted once the information is received for an introductory call to determine whether there is a fit and if so, how CTIP can help.


Phase 2: Gap Analysis

To best determine how CTIP can help, we perform a gap analysis based on your completion of this form: [long form]. We are happy to execute NDAs as needed in order to gain a full understanding of the asset.

Once areas of risk are identified and prioritized, we will deploy resources to help you address them. 

At CTIP, we take a long-term view in the support our portfolio companies and innovators. CTIP carefully balances the needs of the innovators it serves and its available resources to position them for success and meet the needs of children.